Thursday, March 4, 2010

Going Great Guns.....

Ensnaring Thy Senses...Yes!!!AURORA with its dhol and dhamaal.Wenue..the same ABV-IIITM Gwalior and the man responsible for all, the one and only KRISHNA,the Sohniyo that rocked each one of us, Maule Mere Le Le Meri Jaan, Main Jaha Rahu...Need I say more??? The Rock Band Competition with a prize money of over Rs. 25000.This national challenge will see champions from all over.How can we forget the Hasya Kavi Sammelan with Kavis like Dr. Sunil Jogi,Sardaar Manjeet Singh and Kavyitri Suman Dubey...Watch Out Aurora 2010,ABV-IIITM Gwalior....!!!

Can You feel It..???

well....the date's approaching soon.....and can't hardly wait.....!!we ppl are jst too much into aurora.....even while at home our shopping was all CORNA-oriented!!...The things are heatin up.....PARIVESH is giving the rush to all the fashionists of the institute...while the dancers are also forbidding their neighbours to sleep with their late night practices(last one is more of an exaggeration as we at IIITM seldom sleep early!!! :P)....the online event SCRIBE had a phenomenal entry and we expect the same zeal throughout......!!!Aurora is truly leaving its colours upon us......!!!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Get ready to groove...

And we’re back again… Apologies for the consistent inconsistency on the blogsphere but with so much going on around us it becomes a herculean task to sort out which event to mention on the blog and which to omit. To start with the official poster of Aurora ’10 has been unveiled. And frankly if you haven’t seen it you haven’t seen anything yet. The electrifying mixes of color, the pulsating backdrop… all symbolize the vibrant energy levels to be witnessed at Aurora ’10.
Well that was for the poster. Coming on to the Flagship event this year we have a mind boggling event for all the head bangers out there. Yes I am talking about Corna – the rock band contest… many bands have already registered for the event. And why not!? 20000 INR is a hell lot of money!! So be prepared to groove as we jump from metal to punk at the blink of an eye.
So come be a part of this festivity. Get in the groove and let Aurora’10 take you to colorful heights…!!

Statuary warning: Head bangers are requested to bring their own iodexs n moovs. Aurora’10 won’t provide any of these :P

Monday, February 1, 2010

Geared to enthrall...

Well......we are back after some sloppy we told u earlier this is a bunch of idlers and we're not used to the energy levels often associated with energy auras like 'aurora'......well the excitement is turning up...and the creative zest has started stretching and warming up here at ABV-IIITM as we get ready to zoom off with Aurora'10......the website is all set and launched and u ppl can have a bite at communities and forums are up at all the leading social networks...u name it and we're there...orkut,fb,twitter.... and aurora is ready to hijack the internet space..!!moreover the designing team has another gem for the auro-maniacs...the Aurora Personas for your firefox browser....(yo!we accept we are going over the board this time..but c'mon its AURORA!!) bid a temporary goodbye,I wanna say at the end wat a core member of the blogging team says in style...the blog "bakar" will continue uninterrupted...!!till next,sayonara....!!keep glued!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Yes...We are Back!!!

Aurora "the goddess of dawn"...Also the most awaited and anticipated cultural fest of ABV-IIITM...And as Aurora'10 is round the corner,one can say that the goddesses will actually dawn... *wink...wink...*
So much so for my casanovic side...But on a more serious note one can say that this 12-14th March, funk would revisit ABV-IIITM,dances would be coordinated,songs will flourish your soul with music and creativity will find new channels to ooze out....
Okay! So lets not make it ultra bombastic keeping it simple AURORA has always meant fun!! at it's extremities and this time we intend to redefine its extremities.
For now chao!.....we'll keep you updated about all the latest spice.....Stay tuned..

The idlers take a bow for now...
@ Desk Aurora